What's the deadline to submit work?

There’s no final deadline for submissions. We accept art until the show is full. This varies from city to city and show to show.

How many pieces can I show?

You'll need to display at minimum 3 pieces for the show.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the setup?

Yes. We scan the barcode/QR Code on either a printed ticket or on your phone, so long as it clearly visible in order for us to give you your hangers per amount of art spaces/pieces you purchased. 

Is lighting provided?

We do provide lights over the walls the art is hung on.

How much does it cost to hang up art?

There's a $15 hanging contribution for EACH piece you display in the gallery space. This helps us cover the costs of the show (venue, music, security, bacon, wall materials/repairs, hanging supplies, staff, etc).

Do you take a commission on my sales?

Nope. We take ZERO commission on sales so you'll pocket 100% of everything you sell.

Can I bring a table to use?

No. Tables are reserved for those who purchase booths only. All prints MUST be placed on the floor near your work and must not be blocking any work that is displayed on the walls.

When do I come install my art?

For those who sign up for Slot 1 Saturday and Sunday, installation of your work will be the morning before the event (7AM - 11AM). For Slot 2 on Saturday, your time to setup your art is 1 hour between 5PM and 6PM. Please pay attention to the emails you'll receive. That is how we'll notify you of any changes in the drop off/installation times.

What do I need to bring to the installation?

Bring your art and payment for your work IF you did not purchase your space online (and if there are any spaces left). We will supply all the tools necessary for hanging. Your art will be hanging on a grid display.

What is the best way for me to prep my art for hanging?

We prefer that your work be wired, but we can work with most other types of hanging options. Stretched canvas pieces are ok without being wired. Your art will be hanging on a grid display.

When do I take my art down?

Take home is immediately after the show. There is NO exception to this as we do not have access to the venue once we leave.

If you are only showing your art Saturday, August 12 from 11AM - 5PM, the artwork MUST be taken down for the artists who are showing their art from 6PM - 12AM. You have 1 hour to take down the art. Please be courteous to the other artists.

What should be on my title cards?

It’s totally up to you but we recommend the following:

  • Title of Work
  • Artist Name
  • Price of Work
  • Contact Info* (Phone Number or Email Address)
    • *If you are accepting payments via apps include which one(s) and your username.

What's the refund policy?

No Refunds. 

What happens if it rains/snows during the event?

There will be no refunds regardless of weather. As the saying goes, "The show must go on!"