Thirteenth Colony

Bourbon is coming down to Georgia!

Taste the greatest kept secret in the great state. Only at 'The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show'!

Savor the flavor and enjoy the sensation of the best georgia bourbon around. Thirteenth Colony is the smoothest bourbon elixir that you can find this side of the Mississippi and we (The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show) are serving it! We were also lucky enough to savor and taste the delicious bourbons and whiskies that Thirteenth Colony has to offer. The moment our founder tasted these enticing creations; he knew that serving these drinks wasn't just intriguing, it was required.   

The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show will be serving the products of Thirteenth Colony on the dates of August 12th and 13th. Limited variety will be available. For Thirteenth Colony's full menu, please visit their website at