Why Does R. Land Pray for ATL?

If you’ve lived in the Atlanta area for a decent amount of time, there are a few common staples that you’ve become well accustomed to. These include places like Little 5 Points, Old Fourth Ward, Underground ATL, Centennial Olympic Park and The Varsity. (Although I prefer a local burger joint called Zesto’s.) Another common staple is the work of local Atlanta artist Ronnie Land (R. Land for short).


R. Land’s work has covered the local scene sense the early 2000’s. His style can be objectively described as (I mean this as a compliment) a far side vintage nightmare with the love of a quirky cartoon heart.

Though grounded throughout the city, one can likely find his creations throughout the east Atlanta landscape. (Most notably East Atlanta Village and Little 5 Points) However he’s created many different promotional works and has been featured in both Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ and ‘The Washington Post.’


The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show must admit one simple sad truth. We have not met Mr. R. Land. We have not gained the proper channels of communications and have not been able to reach out to this amazingly talented guy. We have not been given the opportunity to speak with him and discuss his fascinating work. But we’d like to.

So without further ado we’d like to offer an official invitation to Mr. R. Land and encourage all to inform him about this invitation. The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show would love to feature your work! Please let us know how we can bring you on board in any capacity that you are comfortable. We just have one question for you.

Why do you pray for ATL?