The History of Bacon: Part 3

For the conclusion of ‘The History of Bacon’ we are going to provide a timeline that shows this breakfast delicacy throughout the ages.



A type of cured pork known as ‘Petaso’ invented. It is prepared by boiling pork shoulder with figs and glazing said shoulder in a rich pepper sauce.


Smoked bacon is now easy to produce and becomes a staple of the European diet.


An Englishman named John Harris creates the first ‘bacon factory’ and is able to create bacon on a mass scale. He is credited as the grandfather of Bacon.


Oscar Mayer introduces pre-packaged bacon slices to America.


Bacon spin-offs are on the rise. These include deep-fried bacon and Bacone.

Present Day:

Bacon takes social media by storm and the bacon and bourbon art show is born!