St. Baldrick's Promise

Conquering Childhood cancer

The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show is meant to be more than just a good time. It’s meant to bring forth a lasting impact by creating real change and making a positive mark in the world. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that our skills were incapable of properly facilitating this necessary task. To put it bluntly, we were bad at giving back. But through this shocking realization…we came across an organization that was not only giving back, it saved lives!

St. Baldrick’s wants to do more than fight childhood cancer…they want to conquer it!

Bourbon & Bacon (and by extension Pic Pic Prints) believe in the message and power of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We believe that they have the stamina and strength to accomplish incredible things, and we’re honored to help them along that path!

The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show will donate 10% of all profits to St. Baldrick’s Foundation.