The International ATL Night Market

How often in 2017 do families from all different generations and cultures get together as one and have a good time with one another? Not very often huh? With so much turmoil, and division brought about by political differences and racial malice from events we see on the news, it’s no wonder why a gathering of many different cultures may seem more like a fantasy than a reality.

On April 21, at Gwinnett Place Mall, I saw inclusion, excitement and enlightenment in a way I have never seen before.  The International Night Market, an art festival that included over 70 different countries gave over 50,000 attendees a chance to experience parts of the world that they may have never been able to before. Though there may be hostility between countries from time to time, art knows no borders. Going from table to table, people saw statues and clothing from Vietnam which would be right next door to Spain who was offering copies of Amadis de Gaula.

Food was also prevalent throughout the market. Sandwich Cubano in one food truck, soul food in another, across from Italian Ice. Cultures that are so different from each other that even geographically they are foreign to one another all in one place at the same time bringing people together.

The laughter on children’s faces were complimented by the passion of talented artists displaying the joy they had for their work.  Many companies such as Pic Pic Prints worked together to turn future artists from aspiring to inspiring. Pic Pic is focused around helping artists display their talents on a platform they may not have previously been given. It takes companies like that to keep events like this alive and to insure that future artists will be expressed through their art.

The inclusion and knowledge that was exchanged between one another will hopefully not end where it started this weekend for it was so satisfying to experience. Languages, history and culture was traded, and love was spread with this event. We may not all get along with each other. We may not understand each other at times, but it is never too late to love and comfort which is exactly what art does. Art is something that you don’t have to know a lot about, if it makes you happy then it has done its job. No matter what form or shape art comes in, it will make you think, smile and become excited about your own imagination.