The History of Bacon: Part 1


Salty, savory and satisfying, sound familiar? No? How about crispy, meaty and delicious? Getting warmer? Good, because if you’re still reading this newsletter, and deductive reasoning has taken proper effect, you should have come to the conclusive answer of BACON!

Ah…bacon, just the sound of it causes your salivary glands into overdrive. If you haven’t already clenched your lips and swallowed the drool down your throat, you’re either a liar or a vegetarian. But enough about my issues in trust and companionship, let’s get to the point of this article. Where did it all begin? How did it all come about? Why has it become so popular? These are the questions I will answer in a three part series titled ‘The History of Bacon’.

In the beginning the breakfast meat that we all know and love went by a different name. Before Jesus ever walked the earth, the Romans called it ‘petaso’. This cured pig meat was often boiled with figs and seasoned with a rich pepper based sauce. Yum! It was also often cut from the shoulder of the pig. The rate of use and consumption of ‘petaso’ is unclear. Many historians believe it was a more common treat among the wealthier Romans and that it may have been an occasional consumed by the soldiers. However, much of this is just speculation. Now, last I checked…eggs and ‘petaso’ aren’t served at your local diner. That raises one simple question. How did bacon get its iconic name? For that answer and more, you’ll have to tune in next time for ‘The History of Bacon: Part 2’.