Clockwork Bacon

The bacon is coming!

In 1971 Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' shocked the world with intense scenes of torture, violence and assault. Over time it became known as one of the greatest movies to be given an NC-17 rating. In 2017 'The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show' will premier in the great city of Atlanta! Coincidence? No...not at all. Actually the two have nearly nothing to do with each other. However, 'The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show' is not above using copyright free footage. So with that in mind, we'd like to present 'Clockwork Bacon' a wicked combo of what we stand for and what we're kinda scared of. Enjoy! 

Little Star Provisions

Little Star packs a big punch!

When you wish upon a star...nothing happens. Spark of light shoots across the night sky and life goes on. However when you visit Little Star Provisions, you're taste buds explode! Because everything they make is packed with wholesome delicious flavor! 

So why do you need to know about Little Star? Because they'll gonna be serving a Bacon, Egg and Cheese like you've never had! Now we could describe every bad ass ingredient and the fact that your tongue might die and go to heaven. Or you could watch our video and see for yourself. I'd say the choice was yours except...we're not gonna wright about it. So you might as well enjoy the video!

Thirteenth Colony

Bourbon is coming down to Georgia!

Taste the greatest kept secret in the great state. Only at 'The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show'!

Savor the flavor and enjoy the sensation of the best georgia bourbon around. Thirteenth Colony is the smoothest bourbon elixir that you can find this side of the Mississippi and we (The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show) are serving it! We were also lucky enough to savor and taste the delicious bourbons and whiskies that Thirteenth Colony has to offer. The moment our founder tasted these enticing creations; he knew that serving these drinks wasn't just intriguing, it was required.   

The Bourbon and Bacon Art Show will be serving the products of Thirteenth Colony on the dates of August 12th and 13th. Limited variety will be available. For Thirteenth Colony's full menu, please visit their website at

St. Baldrick's Promise

Conquering Childhood cancer

The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show is meant to be more than just a good time. It’s meant to bring forth a lasting impact by creating real change and making a positive mark in the world. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that our skills were incapable of properly facilitating this necessary task. To put it bluntly, we were bad at giving back. But through this shocking realization…we came across an organization that was not only giving back, it saved lives!

St. Baldrick’s wants to do more than fight childhood cancer…they want to conquer it!

Bourbon & Bacon (and by extension Pic Pic Prints) believe in the message and power of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We believe that they have the stamina and strength to accomplish incredible things, and we’re honored to help them along that path!

The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show will donate 10% of all profits to St. Baldrick’s Foundation.




787 Windsor

On the 12th and 13th of August, Pic Pic Prints will be host a unique event, the Bourbon and Bacon Art Show, that will revolutionize everyone’s preconceived notions of all bourbon libations, fried salted meats and beautifully rendered creations! For on this one fateful weekend, we will present the first annual Bourbon & Bacon Art Show to life! But where are we hosting it?

Our event will be hosted at 787 Windsor Street. Lucky for us the address and name are one in the same. All you’ll need to know is 787 Windsor in Atlanta Georgia and you’ll be ready to go.

Sir Francis Bacon

I couldn’t resist. I simply could not help myself. To be fair, it is perhaps the cheesiest thing in the word to write an article about Sir Francis Bacon on a newsletter about bourbon, bacon, and art. But I am not one to abide by convention. In fact it is necessary to take this letter to new heights! So without further ado, let me tell you about Sir Francis Bacon

This guy was a knighted Attorney General and Lord Chancellor during the English Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. To say that he had a lot of power within King James’s court is a drastic understatement. Despite a brief corruption scandal, he managed to operate within the court efficiently and effectively. He even managed to change laws and orders within the renaissance court system. But his greatest accomplishment had yet to arrive.

The scientific method is the standard by which nearly all researchers and scientists adhere to. It allows them to properly conduct experiments and gain knowledge in six precise steps. Sir Francis Bacon was one of the largest proponents of the scientific method! Without him, this form of research might not have existed in the present day.

To add the final nail in the coffin, his death must be mentioned. His lordship Sir Francis Bacon died of pneumonia. He contracted this while conducting an experiment in freezing temperatures. The experiment was designed to see the effects below freezing temperatures had on meat. Specifically, he was conducting experiments on frozen pork! I’m sorry if you fail to see the irony in that but I certainly do not.

Billboard Contest!




YES! The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show bought a billboard. We're looking to put it to good use!


Are you an artist? Do you want your art on a billboard? Then submit today!


  1. Follow us on all the social media!

  2. Tag us! The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show

  3. Use the hashtag #bourbonandbaconartshow & #bbascontest

  4. Design Dimensions: 400 x 1400 pixels at 72ppi in RGB Mode. (7:2 aspect ratio). Preferred Color Profile: sRGB

  5. Submission due date: Thursday July 13th, 2017 at 10:00pm

*We reserve the right to refuse any contest submission we deem contrary or incompatible we deem contrary or incompatible with our best interest of the Bourbon and Bacon Art Show. This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Why Does R. Land Pray for ATL?

If you’ve lived in the Atlanta area for a decent amount of time, there are a few common staples that you’ve become well accustomed to. These include places like Little 5 Points, Old Fourth Ward, Underground ATL, Centennial Olympic Park and The Varsity. (Although I prefer a local burger joint called Zesto’s.) Another common staple is the work of local Atlanta artist Ronnie Land (R. Land for short).


R. Land’s work has covered the local scene sense the early 2000’s. His style can be objectively described as (I mean this as a compliment) a far side vintage nightmare with the love of a quirky cartoon heart.

Though grounded throughout the city, one can likely find his creations throughout the east Atlanta landscape. (Most notably East Atlanta Village and Little 5 Points) However he’s created many different promotional works and has been featured in both Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ and ‘The Washington Post.’


The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show must admit one simple sad truth. We have not met Mr. R. Land. We have not gained the proper channels of communications and have not been able to reach out to this amazingly talented guy. We have not been given the opportunity to speak with him and discuss his fascinating work. But we’d like to.

So without further ado we’d like to offer an official invitation to Mr. R. Land and encourage all to inform him about this invitation. The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show would love to feature your work! Please let us know how we can bring you on board in any capacity that you are comfortable. We just have one question for you.

Why do you pray for ATL?

The History of Bourbon

For as long as people have walked on two legs, there’s been alcohol. Historians and archeologists of all kinds have discovered concrete evidence of fermented grain, corn and rice within the depths of different caves and ancient dwellings. Basically…man’s primary goal of advancement and self worth are only outmatched by their intent on getting wasted.

Unfortunately, the history of bourbon isn’t as set in stone. The origins are muddied and full of urban legends. Unlike many other fantastic creations, we don’t exactly know the inventor and why they invented it. We will say that many stories of bourbon often overlap with the stories of whiskey.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise due to the fermentation process of both drinks being extremely similar in nature.  And the fact that every bourbon is a whiskey.  So without further ado…here is a rough and not entirely accurate depiction of bourbon’s history.

It all started with a Baptist Minister named Elijah Craig. Though his credit is not 100 percent confirmed, it is widely believed that this man was the founder and forefather of bourbon whiskey. (There’s even a brand named after him.) This is because he claimed to be the first to actually age the product in charred oak casks. This process gives bourbon the red color and distinctive taste. Unfortunately this story has some major plot holes and historical inaccuracies.


The likely answer to bourbon’s origins is that there is no single inventor or founder. This is because the process incredibly refined.


The History of Bacon: Part 3

For the conclusion of ‘The History of Bacon’ we are going to provide a timeline that shows this breakfast delicacy throughout the ages.



A type of cured pork known as ‘Petaso’ invented. It is prepared by boiling pork shoulder with figs and glazing said shoulder in a rich pepper sauce.


Smoked bacon is now easy to produce and becomes a staple of the European diet.


An Englishman named John Harris creates the first ‘bacon factory’ and is able to create bacon on a mass scale. He is credited as the grandfather of Bacon.


Oscar Mayer introduces pre-packaged bacon slices to America.


Bacon spin-offs are on the rise. These include deep-fried bacon and Bacone.

Present Day:

Bacon takes social media by storm and the bacon and bourbon art show is born!