Bijal Mehta

"I was born and brought up in Mumbai,India. By profession I am a Homeopathic Doctor and painting is my hobby. I started painting at the age of 8 and since then, there was no looking back. Moved to United States after marriage and have been doing freelancing works since then. In my free time I write medical articles, work on my paintings or get creative with my culinary skills. I love travelling, reading, and meeting new people. Always looking forward to learning and experimenting new things in life".

The Soul

18 X 24, Oil on canvas

The painting depicts the calmness of the soul through serene face of Lord Buddha. 

Wings of Freedom

24 X 36, Oil on canvas

This painting depicts, woman breaking shackles of mundane life.

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Contact Number: (480) 370 - 9630

Paul Craighead

More than forty years have gone by since I started making pottery. I grew up in Northern Italy, lived in Atlanta for thirty-five years; moved to my mother’s home-place in NW GA a few years ago. My maternal grandmother taught me landscape painting with oils. My paternal grandmother taught me leather and tool copper tooling. I took several independent-study pottery classes at Georgia State University, but am mostly self-taught. I cut my teeth in the trade while running a cottage pottery industry in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, in the early 70’s.
I now teach several weekly pottery classes at the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center. 

When I consider the artistic influences regarding my pottery making, I clearly admire the folk traditions of the common people more than I do court productions. Korean, Japanese, and Chinese peasant wares from around the year 1000 CE have been a strong influence. Living as I do in rural NW Georgia I am surrounded by the pre-industrial pottery tradition of producing farm objects, such as jugs, churns, and other simple, sturdy containers. I’ve visited with Lanier Meaders and Bill Gordy.

My preferred clay is a buff stoneware body I mix up and fire to cone 10 (2350 Fahrenheit) in an updraft propane-fueled kiln. Several times a year I throw raku parties for friends, family, and students.

In addition to traditional functional ware I enjoy producing modern sculptures mixing clay with other materials such as electricity, moving water, and metal, and acrylics. I often collaborate with artists of other disciplines, such as writers, and calligraphers, and painters. I find that alternating quickly made functional pieces with more time-consuming conceptual projects gives me a satisfying rhythm of activity.

KRF Cards

KRF Cards is a greeting card company that specialized in LGBT Greeting Cards.  We also sell notepads, typography, magnets and toilet paper greetings. We believe no one should be left out when it comes to sending love.

We also sell notepads, typography, magnets and toilet paper greetings. We believe no one should be left out when it comes to sending love.

Mercedes Rivera

Heart Mercedes is a handmade eclectic jewelry collection for the whole family. Made with natural materials and inspired through worldly cultures. 25% off Profits are used to fund the RAK Brigade, a random acts of kindness movement.

Black Charm Choker Wrap

Gemstone Bracelets: (Bottom to Top) Clear Quartz, Onyx & Raw Lava Oil Diffuser
Rings: (left to right) Black and White Seed Beads & Clear Quartz Wand

Clear Quartz Wrapped Tassel Earrings

Raw Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Madison King (18+)

My work focuses on the female as a sexual performer. My aim is to explore the social barriers that prevent women from being confident in their own sexuality and need for pleasure. Female intimacy is often a performance for their partner. 

Lingerie is a costume that is not common in the male gender. There is a misconception that women are meant to be the pleasers, instead of the pleased.

My goal is to break apart the stereotypes of the temptress and the tempted and reduce female sexuality to its rawest state of physical honesty.


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Michelle Lynn


Michelle Lynn has been performing professionally in front of large crowds since the age of four. As a child she performed in multiple community choirs, acted in theatrical productions and opened for many major recording artists. Her ability to sing in any genre of music puts her in high demand and is what sets her apart from other vocalists. With her classical training from Central State University (B.M.) and The Ohio State University (M.M.), she was able to travel the globe for over 10 years singing Opera in some of the most known stadiums and cathedrals around the world.

Her roots in Gospel, Soul and Jazz give her an edge that allows her to move effortlessly between singing styles. Her experience in musical theatre, earning her a nomination for Best Leading Actress in an Off Broadway musical production, has allowed her to truly hone in on her ability to act and sing with amazing stamina. Lastly, as a once Nashville, TN resident, she also developed a genuine love for Country and Country Pop.

Michelle Lynn has toured with numerous artists from each genre as a background artist and has a large amount of experience in the recording studio. She is now taking her singing career to the next level by branching out on her own. Her new single “Fire” is available on all digital music outlets. She is currently working on her debut album which will be released in the coming months. Her lyrical content is that of love, life, and purpose. Her heart’s desire is to have a “Platform With Purpose” to educate and enrich people’s lives across the globe with her universal lyrics and music style.


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Katie White

Growing up in an Alabama small town, I've always had a pencil in my hand, drawing what was in front of me ever since I was little. Using the simple materials began my love for black and white art pieces, allowing for the focus to be on the basic elements in an art piece - the shapes, tones and textures, but I'm beginning to branch out into color pieces. This also began my artistic focus on architectural aspects and ultimately what I would study in school. That is now changing to more abstract pieces. 

Art for me is therapeutic, getting me focused on creating something new that I hope will inspire others to slow down and appreciate the simplicity of what's in front of them. 

The majority of my work stems from memories, either mine or something someone else wants to remember in a medium other than photography. The rest of my work is the result of personal explorations in style or medium.  

I am always on the lookout for contrasting elements in our world. I am in love with both forms of architecture, built and natural. 

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Timbite Kassa

 Timbite Kassa was born in Addis Ababa, in central Ethiopia in 1991. Growing up, he traveled from place to place in the neighboring countries of Africa. Throughout his journey, he has had the opportunity to travel through beautiful sceneries of the natural landscapes. In time, his love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Timbite has always been fascinated by visionary arts and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Naturally, he was drawn to the intricacy of nature’s art.

The interest was cultivated during his teenage years as he began to study sacred geometry and also as he began to invoke visions of his own. He further developed his skills by self-education in many forms of art styles including photography. Photography has been his primary medium of expression since the beginning of 2014 and design has been an instinctive interest beginning in 2015. 

 After a few years of studying his craft, Timbite dove even more into his photographic practice. This involved capturing intrinsic perspectives of the natural world as it is. The photographs, which Timbite takes on his journeys through nature, are only part of the narrative. He uses the practice of geometrically breaking his images down to give a unique perspective of the natural environment, and also allows each environment to have a voice of its own. It is definitely a collaboration between the artist and the environment.

He aims to harness the medium of visual transmission to link and communicate the divine reality of Nature, perhaps even attempt to reawaken a past memory of the deep intimate connection we once had with Nature. Timbite cherishes his connection with nature; in fact he believes that nature is an inseparable component of who we truly are. As the wise ancestors know as the Neteru of ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt say, “Nature is the true mirror to life, that only those who look into the heart of nature will look into the heart of themselves.” He strongly feels that the artistic exchange between the natural environment and the artist opens up many opportunities; he believes that individually following the path of a visual translator plays a role in the realization of our unified potential of expanded awareness, and with the hopes to inspire the creativity in the creator within us all. For if there is anything that is constant it is change itself, and those that move with the vibration of the ever morphing reality will always find endless opportunities of growth and expansion of life. Timbite lives and works in Atlanta, Ga, surrounded by many beautiful natural sceneries that tell a rich story of the land. Feel free to contact for freelance or collaboration.


RoseBotz was founded by Anahstazia Ali in 2012. She is a self taught graphic designer. She was always fascinated by all things creative growing up. She would constantly create crafts with everyday objects, and make pop-up greeting cards in her spare time. Her favorite themes were always fairies and fantasy. Over time, this became her theme for RoseBotz. Anahstazia discovered her love for graphic design with the help of her friends. They introduced the idea when they saw her skill in a high school art class

She later on got into creating wearable art, and now specializes in T-Shirt Printing. Her love for both art and business is inspired by her dad who owns his own company. RoseBotz is a clash of worlds, where imagination comes to life inspired by fantasy and technology.

Michael Alvarez

I'm Michael Alvarez, I have been painting for about 5 years and love the process of creating so much that I like to be apart of every aspect of the final product!

 I make my own stretcher bars, stretch the canvas, prime it, paint it, and frame it. I mostly work with oil, but I also do mix media and incorporate burnt wood to make some unique effects. 

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Hannah Burton

Ramblin' (wo)man Atlanta, Georgia Artist 🌻

 I'm originally from Forsyth County, Georgia. I moved to Atlanta in 2015 to attend Georgia State University to pursue a BFA in drawing and paining.I often find myself in a moment thinking how that moment will never happen exactly the same way it did the first time. I often reflect on how I spend my time and with who I spend it with, because time is so limited and we remember moments in fragments.My work often reflects my own fragility, nostalgia and awareness of mortality through a series of conceptual and figurative works. 

My work often reflects my own fragility, nostalgia and awareness of mortality through a series of conceptual and figurative works. 

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Diamond Gatli

Diamond Gatli is an Atlanta based earth artist who has a reverence for nature and a love for the outdoors. Her activities include kayaking, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding and camping, which inspire her choice of subjects in her landscape paintings.

Her abstract paintings are a synthesis of art and science and an expression of mystery and wonder. They evoke a sensual and energetic condition of atmospheric light with effortless movements.

Sometimes she likes to combine the serenity of a landscape with the complexity of an abstract. "

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Instagram: Tigerrr_Rawrrr

Gina Word


Resident Artist at 787 Windsor

"I create bold, sexy jewelry for badass women and men."


Apparel Buyer for Melrose Holdings and Nicole Miller International flight attendant serving the US Military Bartender


Torch in hand at 787 Windsor DRINK: Chartreuse on the rocks


“Shut the f*ck up Donny"


Born in Michigan, raised in Alabama, fled to Atlanta

unnamed 3.jpg


Spruill Center for the Arts Atlanta

Jewelry Design, Glass Design Georgia Tech Atlanta

Welding Technology Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago

Jewelry Design ART: Utilizing Silver and stones from around the world.

Justin Coelho

"My name is Justin Coelho and I am an Illustrator/Fine Artist. Graduating from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Illustration/Communication Arts my work is primarily associated with the editorial, advertising, cover art, and poster markets. I work with watercolors, brush and ink, and a bit of digital editing." - Justin Coelho

"When I'm not working on a commission I enjoy experimenting and creating works of art that explore shape, color, mood, and subject matter. Some of my personal work can be a bit dark and weird, but it is my passion to create and explore "other worldly" themes." - Justin Coelho

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Carlos Quevedo

Carlos Quevedo is a Venezuelan graphic artist currently based in Colombia. He is a graduate with degrees in Graphic Design and Publicity. Carlos gained experience working for several advertising agencies during almost three years before starting his career as a freelance artist. During the last four years, he has developed and continues to ripen his style on illustration using digital media. During this time, he has also been involved in the design of several commercial projects such as book covers and album covers. Currently he works as a full-time cover artist.  

Using theology and mythology as the main focuses of his inspiration, Carlos creates worlds where his beliefs stamp a clear signature on all his pieces. Through a complex process of design, of assembly and painting, he mixes photographic material, painting and 3D elements, to create illustrations where ethereal environments and surreal characters come to life, bringing a pictorial expression of mysticism, spirituality and symbolism.

Michael Terrell

I fell in love with photography the moment I held a camera. I've followed in my family's footsteps of running around with a camera since a young age. 

Growing up in Sarasota, Florida and Gwinnett, Georgia I decided to purse my passion of photography and art at Gwinnett Technical College and since graduating in 2011, I have done advertising for many businesses. The business include: Ai Tunes Karaoke Lounge, ATLast, Toothepaste Clothing, Dominate Sound, The DJ Union, iVapeBro, and now the U.S. Navy. I am currently working on multiple personal projects as I work and travel the world.

The Pink Collection:

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Caitlin Sciscoe

I work in the photographic medium, using the process of long exposure to make "light paintings" from the light trails created by LED gloves.

I am a photographer and photo retoucher by trade with a background in dance and performing arts. As a full time freelancer, I enjoy the opportunities I get to collaborate with different teams of inspired professionals, allowing me to improve my craft in unique ways while building meaningful and lasting relationships that push me to be both a better artist and person. A healthy dose of curiosity combined with the drive to constantly learn new things are what motivate me to experiment with a variety of techniques in both my professional and personal projects. Integrating my performance art with photography is what led to the creation of the light paintings you will see in this show.

I am very passionate in my work with image manipulation and retouching. For me, the thrill of being a photographer is when I get into post-production and find myself able to use the items in my digital toolbox to transform my images into the true artistic vision I had imagined while capturing the initial photo. I thoroughly enjoy spending time to enhance photographs and images for final presentation. I find it extremely rewarding to see what I can do with Photoshop to improve and perfect even the smallest details in the photos that I develop - I see it as a form of pure artistic creation and have been known to spend up to 30 hours on a single image until I feel that it has fully converged with my creative vision for the work.

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Edmund Royster

The journey through my world, provides an energetic combination of drawing, painting & collage, enhancing a quality to my subjects. 

What is created is a prototype collage of layered paper and matte board, with charcoal, paint, or marker, I guide the viewer on a line blurred between mediums that allows you to indulge in a mixture of the elegance of realism combined with the wonder and innocence of nature.

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